5 Best Practices Post Covid-19 for Businesses and Workplaces

It’s great that the country’s economy has opened up after the pandemic. However, businesses and companies should not let up in taking steps to safeguard employees and customers from the new virus strain. Here are 5 practices you should consider implementing: Precautionary procedures Employers should provide free masks and hand sanitisers for employees. Social distancing [...]

How to Grow Your Business After Covid-19 Pandemic?

The Coronavirus has radically transformed consumer behaviours. New trends including online shopping, remote working, online education, digital productivity tools, and greater demand for cost efficient solutions are redefining viable business models. This has led to a boom in several sectors. Businesses that are thriving in this post-pandemic era include e-commerce, healthcare, IT, collaborative technology, and [...]

3 Must-dos for Coin Laundries Post Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed the business landscape across all industries. There’s no running away from the new normal. Hence, if you are a coin laundry owner who has survived the lockdown period, you must do these 3 things in order to continue thriving in this post-pandemic environment: Comprehensive review Coin laundries were not [...]