Galaxy Controls

Galaxy Controls Maximises Efficiency & Revenue

Huebsch® Galaxy, the industry’s most innovative coin laundry control system, is packed with cutting-edge features to drive up profits for your laundry operations. Multi-Level Vend Pricing and Time-of-Day Pricing allows laundry business owners to manage and optimize their revenue stream. Cycle Modifiers, 24 Customizable Cycle Selections give customers more wash options and help the business compete for new customers.

The Galaxy controls are designed to deliver top performance and efficiency with 200 G-Force Extraction, 30 Programmable Water Levels, Patented Water Guardian Leak Protection and Slow Drain Detection.

The system is easy to use. It comes with Multilingual Operating Instructions to ease customer acceptance. Owners can easily manage laundry machine cost and maintenance as well. Monitor business operations with readily accessible Service-Related Audit Data, Service Diagnostic Troubleshooting, Computer Connectivity Galaxy Controls, and Payment System Open Architecture.