5 Entrepreneurial Leadership Habits that Drive Business Growth

As a business owner, your ability to lead will determine how far you can take your team and company. Effective leadership is developed through experience and time.

You can also practise these 5 traits to sharpen your leadership skills:

1. Self-Awareness

You need to be aware of how your actions, emotions and comments affect your team. Keep your behaviour in check to lead your team effectively. Self-awareness also means knowing what drives you and how you make decisions. It is an essential trait to develop critical thinking skills. When you can keep your emotions at bay, you have clearer judgement to make better decisions.


2. Listen And Be Supportive

A good leader is a good listener. You need to listen proactively. This means being open-minded during a conversation with your team. Consider their views and objections seriously. Be supportive and empathetic in the process. Analyse what they need from you and act on it.


3. Motivator

Strong leadership is more than just giving orders. It is about empowering and motivating your team to give their best performance. Hence, you must learn to be a good motivator. This goes beyond rewarding your team. Get to know your team members and what drives each of them. Some people are motivated by goals. Others may prefer a personal pep talk. Customise your approach to each team member to get them to perform at their highest level.


4. Continuous Learning And Development

Your business can only grow as much as you do. A good leader never stops learning new skills. Invest in courses or seek out a mentor to keep up with the latest development and trends in your industry. You may also take up new challenges to gain more hands-on experience and confidence.


5. Conflict Resolution

Leading your team requires you to manage disputes effectively. You need to find a resolution to help your team work together. Open communication is a great approach. Talk to your team regularly. Address a problem immediately. Listen to all parties involved in the conflict before making a decision. Work out a mutually agreeable solution for all parties and stick with it.

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