5 Laundry Business Trends to Adopt in 2024 and Beyond

Laundromat business owners must be aware of the latest laundry business trends to keep up with industry evolution.

These 5 trends are predicted to dominate the industry for the coming years:

1. Health and Hygiene

Now more than ever, customers demand laundry services to uphold high hygiene standards. Self-service laundromat must get innovative to implement and maintain these standards. Coin laundry owners can choose laundry machines with high performance cleaning power. Other initiatives could include enhanced sanitation protocols and air purification systems.


2. Green Practices

Increased emphasis on environmental preservation is driving the laundry industry to adopt more sustainable practices. One way is to use more energy-efficient machines with water-saving features. Choose eco-friendly detergents with plant-based or biodegradable ingredients that are kinder to the clothes and environment.


3. Digitalization and Automation

Continued digital technology integration and automation in self-service laundry operations can streamline processes and improve efficiency for better customer experience. Use smart solutions to predict maintenance issues, reorder supplies and remotely manage your operation. Improve customer convenience and safety with contactless payment systems and remote machine monitoring.


4. More Value for Customers

Many people are feeling the crunch from higher cost of living. Hence, coin laundry owners need to offer more value to attract and retain customers. Subscription or membership-based packages offering cost savings and loyalty incentives can provide more value for customers. Some benefits may include unlimited laundry cycles, discounted rates for frequent users, and exclusive rewards for members.


5. Franchise Expansion

The demand for convenient and affordable self-service laundry services continues to rise. This creates more opportunities for franchise expansion and market growth. Hence, this is a good time for laundry business owners to invest in strategic partnerships and grow their businesses through franchising. It is also a prime time to start your own coin laundry business.

Understanding these emerging trends will help laundry business owners to better respond and capitalise on evolving customer needs and market dynamics. PLE Laundry Equipment Sdn. Bhd. offers laundry business owners a wide range of cutting-edge commercial laundry equipment to stay ahead of competition. Contact us at 016-262 2965 or 03-5633 6405 for more information today.