Genuine Parts

Only Genuine Parts

At PLE Laundry Equipment, we understand the importance of keeping laundry equipment in tip-top condition for a laundry business owner. We secure our clients’ trust by providing only Genuine Parts for our full range of laundry equipment.

Our Genuine Parts are supplied by Alliance Laundry Systems (Alliance) which has been manufacturing laundry equipment since 1908. Your peace of mind is assured when you use these parts.

Quality Control

The Genuine Parts are put through stringent quality control and inspection processes by Alliance. This ISO-certified system involves state-of-the-art precision testing to extensive machine-life test labs to produce the highest quality products which last longer and perform better than non-original parts.

Industry-first One-Year Warranty

Unlike other part suppliers who offer only 30 to 90-day warranty, all our Genuine Parts supplied by Alliance come with a one-year warranty. This commitment is testament of the quality and authenticity of our parts.

Total Reliability

All our Genuine Parts are fully compatible to the models we supply and as a result easy to install and would not damage your machine compared to inferior parts sourced from other suppliers. They are guaranteed to provide excellent performance to achieve maximum cost efficiency.

Expert Service

PLE Laundry Equipment is an authorized Alliance distributor of all Genuine Parts for our full range of machines. Our technical staff is well trained to troubleshoot and install all Alliance spare parts and respond to your repair needs quickly.

Superior Selection

Our Genuine Parts carry the same Huebsch and Speed Queen parts that come with the original machine. These include:

Huebsch and  Speed Queen Washer parts

  • Washer belt
  • Washer drain hose
  • Washer pump
  • And many more


Huebsch and  Speed Queen Dryer parts

  • Dryer belt
  • Dryer coil
  • Dryer relay
  • Dryer roller
  • And many more

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