Why Us


7 Reasons Why Customers Choose to Work with PLE Laundry Equipment Sdn Bhd…

1. Attractive Business Model

The clean, fresh and hygienic brand image of our coin-operated laundry shops attracts a steady flow of regular customers. This (together with being a labour-free business) ensures consistent revenues, positive cash flow and good profit margins.

2. Solid Branding

PLE Laundry Equipment Sdn Bhd is the Malaysian distributor of Alliance Laundry Systems, the No.1 commercial laundry manufacturer in the world with a history and prestige of over 100 years. Alliance Laundry Systems has built a reputation for producing top quality, high performance and durable brands of laundry machines.

3. Strong Technical Team

Well trained in maintaining, trouble-shooting and repairing all our laundry machines, our technicians are able to provide dependable support services to our customers.

4. 4. Comprehensive Customer Support

Our company provides extensive support for our customers including site inspection, demonstration and pre-sales consultancy. We also have excellent after-sales support and are willing to share business insights with our customers.

5. Fast Delivery

At PLE Laundry Equipment Sdn Bhd, we maintain a ready stock of popular brands of laundry machines. This practice allows our company to deliver any machines ordered within a short period of time. New business owners would be able to start operating almost immediately.

6. Availability of Spare Parts

To ensure business continuity for our customers, our company has a huge inventory of various spare parts. Replacement of spare parts can be done quickly with minimal disruption to the business of our customers.

7. Prompt Service

With the combined hands-on expertise of our technical and management team, we are able to help our customers handle any issues in their laundry operation promptly and efficiently.

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