Why Replace with Huebsch®

Upgrade to More Success!

Upgrading your laundry machine to Huebsch® will be one of the best decisions you will make for your laundry business. Here are 3 strong reasons why you should upgrade today:

1. More Efficient, Better Profits

Huebsch’s range of vended laundry machine features our exclusive eBoost™ technology which uses 33 percent less water per cycle and reduces non-wash water below the cylinder.

2. More Revenue Options

The Galaxy controls provide customers more choices for their laundry with multi-level vend, time-of-day pricing and green cycle modifiers.

3. Energy-saving Tumble Dryers

With a legacy as industry innovator since 1907, Huebsch® has been leading the industry with durable, efficient tumble dryers that help laundry business owners save and make more money ever since.