Are You Ready to Franchise Your Laundry Business?

You have successfully started a laundry operation and business is booming. However, one store has limited earning potential. One way to increase your business revenue is franchising. The following 3 essential questions will help you find out if you are ready to take the leap into franchising: 1. How is your business performance? You can […]

How PLE Helps Laundry Owners Succeed

It’s no secret that a reliable support network is a major factor that determines the success of any business. Whether it is vendors, suppliers or service providers, you need them to keep your business running smoothly. As a long-time industry player, PLE Laundry Equipment Sdn. Bhd. (PLE) understands the fundamental needs of all laundry business […]

Top 5 Tips to Run A Successful Franchise

Operating a franchise is an attractive avenue to start a business. Part of the attraction is you can follow the business model to avoid the common pit-falls of independent start-up businesses. However, running a successful franchise still requires hard work and strategic planning. Here are 5 key advice for franchise success: 1. Sufficient Funds Buying […]