If you are new to the coin laundry business, it is best to work with a reputable coin laundry partner who knows the ropes of the industry. Choosing the right partner can increase the success rate of your first coin laundry venture. Here are 5 criteria to look for in ...
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A coin laundry may be described as a no-frills, self-service operation, but as a business owner, you should still pay attention to meeting at least the basic customers’ expectations. Here are 5 things that customers typically look for in a coin laundry:
  1. Easy-to-use models
Whether you choose to ...
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You have decided to take the first step to become your own boss by getting into the coin laundry business. Here are 5 top things to consider for setting up your coin laundry:
  1. Find the ideal location
Your coin laundry should be located in a neighbourhood that is ...
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If you have an entrepreneurial mindset, are tech savvy and actively looking to own a business, here are 5 reasons why you should definitely consider opening a self-service coin laundry business:
  1. Recession-proof
A coin laundry service has become a necessity these days especially in urban areas. Hence, it ...
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A press release is an effective way to generate positive news coverage for a major event at your coin laundry. A well-written press release can provide free publicity, create a buzz and help generate leads for your business. Here are the top 5 tips on how to write a great ...
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