Customer Service Tips for Coin Laundry Shop

With the fast-paced lifestyle of modern living, many people nowadays have little time to do their laundry. Most apartments also have limited space for drying large batches of laundry.

A coin laundry allows customers to do their laundry at any time. They can also wash and dry their laundry in less than one hour. Hence, self-service coin laundry operations have become quite popular especially in high-density neighbourhoods.

Sometimes, there may be more than one laundry shop operating in the same neighbourhood. So how do you stand out from the others?

Here are a few tips to outshine your competition:

One-stop shop – Some coin laundry shop may only offer the basic washers and dryers. By adding vending machines with laundry detergent and fabric softeners in your shop, your customer would not have to bring their own.

Cleanliness – Nothing turns customers away more than a dirty shop. Always ensure that your shop space is clean and free of clutter.

User-friendly instructions – Most coin laundry have instructions on how to use the machines. Make sure the instructions are simple and easy to follow.

Additional services – You might want to consider offering services not available in other shops such as folding service or dry cleaning.

Entertainment – Your customers may get bored while waiting for their laundry to be done. Hence, having WIFI services or a television in your shop will help keep your customers entertained.

Safety – If you’re considering operating a 24-hour coin laundry shop, it is advisable to install good quality security system to provide your customers with peace of mind.

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