Our Comprehensive Customer Support ensures business stability and sustainability

Our business is not just about laundry equipment, it is also about people. We believe that providing quality equipment is as importantly as delivering timely and reliable support to our customers.

The support we offer stretches beyond the sale, delivery and installation of our laundry equipment. Our team will be there for our customers to address any maintenance issues, repairs or just to provide advice on the best way to run a laundry business.

Four Pillars of Support to Turn Your Passion into Profit

Our customer service representatives are knowledgeable in the full range of PLE Laundry Equipment’s products and services. They can provide quick and accurate answers to many basic questions as well as take the onus to refer any issue for further action.


After the laundry machines have been commissioned and installed, we will work closely with our customers to ensure smooth operation of their business. This is made possible with support services which include continuous maintenance, trouble-shooting and repair works.


Customers can always count on the extensive experience and expertise of our technical team to solve any mechanical issues which may arise during the course of their business. The team is committed to solving these problems in the shortest possible timeframe to minimise disruption of business.


To ensure the success of our customers’ laundry business, we believe in continuously educating them in the relevant knowledge and skills to maintain the machines in good condition as well as share any insights into running a profitable self-service laundry business.

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